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Drama School Auditions

"Drama schools audition thousands of people each year. The odds are not good but with the right awareness and pieces you increase your chances. I work with a small number of students individually to guide them through the process"James Kerr Click here to read more global production reviews... from The New Yorker, Independent on Sunday, Telegraph, Sunday Times, Times, The Guardian, Financial Times & The Independent.

Anna Mawn, training at LAMDA

- Jimmy´s intuitive way of working meant that our sessions were tailor-made to give me the best possible chance at drama school auditions. His approach to text and performance is incredibly insightful. I know it will continue to have a huge influence on me throughout my training and beyond. With his support and encouragement, my confidence increased dramatically over our period of working together and I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with him and learn from him.

Weronika Szalas, training at Central School of Drama

Working with James was an amazing journey into the deepest corners of myself. By facing all the colours of human nature I understood the beauty of just being. I’ve learnt not only how to be real in my performance, but also how important is to take a risk and give something from myself in order to receive something different, new and beautiful.

Charlie Merriman, training at LAMDA

- James´ teaching is mind-opening. My response to dramatic text feels truly intuitive thanks to him. James is one of the friendliest, most encouraging people I have ever worked with and he has a wonderful sense of humour. The joy he takes in watching his students progress is inspiring. I feel privileged and very grateful to have learned from James´ wisdom.

Lizzie Shenk, training at LAMDA

- James is an extraordinary teacher. His emphasis on storytelling and trusting language will stay with me throughout my career and the trusting, cheerful and intense atmosphere of his classes were the highlight of my audition process for drama school. His intuition for the work and care are incredible.

Laura De Sommar, training at Mountview

- It's his full dedication and commitment that shines through. It is an utter privilege to have a conversation with him. If you work with him - you are exceedingly lucky.

Eva Ditzelmuller, training at East 15

- No matter at what stage of training you are at, James will connect with you at that point of time and give you exactly what you need. He is immensely generous and hardworking and continues to inspire me as a performer and a person. With his incredible understanding of language and people, he helped me find my way in this profession and I’m proud to be his student.

Hannah Van de Westhuysen, training at Drama Centre

- James is a wonderful teacher and mentor. During our sessions I could feel my work becoming more detailed and specific, every lesson being tailor made to get the most out of me. On a personal level James is very encouraging and created an atmosphere where I felt safe to explore characters. He is a fantastic teacher.

Daniel Chaves, training at Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama

- James Kerr is a brilliant instructor for anyone pursuing quality training. I always felt supported, safe, and encouraged under his guidance. He possesses an unconditional devotion to the work, and to students.

Polly Misch, graduated RADA

- He has an ability to enable people to trust themselves and make their own decisions. James provided solid support over a two year period of preparation for drama school auditions, encouraging me to have patience, self-confidence and perseverance as well as developing a constant education in acting. His intuitive approach means he celebrates what is truly individual in each person.

Finella Waddilove, training at Mountview

- Through James’ audition aid sessions, my confidence as an actress soared. James' range of acting techniques really enabled me to believe in myself, which I found to be massively useful in an audition environment. Additionally, he identified the perfect speeches for me; we work-shopped them in various ways to help me establish the characters whilst also capturing my personality. Thanks to his guidance and teaching I am now training at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts; I hope I get to work with him again in the future!

Emma Rendell, training at LAMDA

- I have worked with several acting tutors in the past few years, but have never encountered anyone like Jimmy. He is one of the most insightful, perceptive, and intuitive tutors I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His approach to the work is brilliantly honest and refreshing; he has helped me find both a simplicity and a specificity in my acting. I feel so grateful knowing I will have him as a guide and mentor as my career develops.

Mark Notely, training at E15

- James has an immense pool of knowledge and an innate understanding of people. Yet he also possesses the most humble and delicate approach to his work. This allows you to feel free, confident and positive when approaching a text and taking it up on its feet. His ability to get you into another person’s shoes is awesome, he will push you, but so is his style - it feels more like being led. I feel lucky and grateful to know James as he is one of the kindest and most encouraging people I’ve met, and that allows me to place the utmost trust in his decisions and faith in his advice. Working with James was a great pleasure and an opportunity anyone would be fortunate to have.

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